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To avoid using cement one can use lime putty or hydraulic lime mortars. They can both produce good results, provided that they are applied correctly and that the right quantity is used. The majority of putties on the market today, however, have no resemblance to the putties of the past. Very few are burned traditionally in mix feed kilns. They are too pure and in many cases contain far too much water.

A good putty is months if not years old, it has been punched through a sieve rather than 'poured' through and, even with pozzolanic additions, requires long curing and protection measures. Its characteristics make lime putty suitable for interior finishes and exterior work in sheltered areas.

Damage caused by cement

Lime putties are flexible and have excellent vapour exchange properties, these are necessities for the long-term survival of restored buildings. Lime putties also eliminate undesirable and damaging chemical reactions associated with the use of cement.

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