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NHL 5:

chaux 100

naturelle pure

NHL 5 (Chaux 100 Naturelle Pure) is a pure product giving mortars plasticity, elasticity, strength and rapid resistance to frost.

Application and specification schedule for NHL 5

Restoration and conservation work:

Mixing: Can be mixed in cement mixers.
Application by spray gun: Possible. Please consult us.
Working temperatures: Not below 5°C nor above 30°C. Make sure that high suction materials are thoroughly dampened before application. Avoid rapid drying due to high temperatures or strong winds by curing with a light water mist several times a day if necessary. Protect from frost, rain, direct sun and strong wind for a minimum of 48 hours.

Mortar composition:

Masonry/Pointing/Capping/Mass Wall Bedding/Foundation/Sea Defence Walls/Chimney Stacs/New Build: Depending on the conditions of the support/background, the fineness of the sand and the size of the joints, binder : sand ratio values vary between 1: 1.5 to 1: 2.5.

Choose well graded sands (3 or 4mm down to 75 microns).


A. Scratch coat (3 - 5mm) 1 volume of NHL5 : 1.5 volume of sand
B. Undercoat (15 - 20mm) 1 volume of NHL 5 : 2 volumes of sand (1:2.5 max), (at this dosage the consumption is approx. 0.3kg of NHL 5 per m2 per each mm of thickness)
C. Finishing (5-10mm) use NHL 3.5 or NHL 2

For additional information on this and other St. Astier lime products, please visit the St. Astier website.

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