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NHL 3.5:


blanche pure

NHL 3.5 (Chaux Blanche Pure) is suitable for all applications and finishes. Its whiteness provides the best reproduction of sand colour.

Application and specification schedule for NHL 3.5

Restoration and conservation work:

Mixing: Can be mixed in cement mixers
Application by spray gun: Possible. Please consult us.
Working temperatures: Not below 5°C nor above 30°C. Make sure that high suction materials are thoroughly dampened before application. Avoid rapid drying due to high temperatures or strong winds by curing with a light water mist several times a day if necessary. Protect from frost, rain, direct sun and strong wind for a minimum of 72 hours.

Mortar composition:

Masonry/Pointing/Capping/Bedding/Ashlar: Binder: sand ratio: from 1:1.5 to 1:3 depending on the support/background conditions, the size of the joint and the fineness of the sand.

Always use well graded sands (3 - 4mm down to 75 microns).


A. Scratch coat (3 - 5mm) 1 volume of NHL3.5 : 1.5 volumes of sand
B. Undercoat (15 - 20mm) 1 volume of NHL 3.5 : 2 volumes of sand (at this dosage the consumption is approx. 0.35kg of NHL3.5 per m2 per each mm of thickness)
C. Finishing (5 - 10mm) 1 volume of NHL3.5 : 2.5 volumes of sand

With very fine sands, possibly containing clays, the binder content may have to be reduced.

For additional information on this and other St. Astier lime products, please visit the St. Astier website.

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