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The Traditional Lime Company is the sole Irish importer of Chaux & Enduits de St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes. This is a range of Natural Hydraulic Limes which imparts plasticity, elasticity, strength, low shrinkage and early frost resistance to a mortar.

St. Astier products are derivatives of pure limestone/silica deposits from the company's own quarries in Western France. The company thus has complete control over the quality of the raw material and of the production process.

Applications: Product applications depend upon the attributes required of the mortar for the particular contract in hand. See the description of individual products below for information on these attributes.

The degree to which St. Astier products enable mortar to be customised for each job makes them excellent for all types of work, including new build, restoration and conservation projects.

St. Astier products simplify mortar specification as, assuming the colour and qualities of the sand used are known, no other additives are required. The properties and colour of the finished mortar is thus assured.

Product Descriptions

Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 5: This grade of lime imparts plasticity, elasticity, strength and rapid resistance to frost. Suitable for masonry, mortars, and base coats of rendering.

The product is used in the proportions of 1X lime to 2.5X well graded sand for most applications, including masonry bedding, pointing, grouting, and rendering undercoat.

Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 3.5: Also suitable for mortars and renders, NHL 3.5 has a whiteness which allows the sand aggregate to be appreciated. It is thus used principally for masonry bedding, pointing and the intermediate and top coat of rendering, normally in the proportions of 1 of lime to 2 or 2.5 of sand.

Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 2: This quality of lime is particularly suitable for interior and exterior use on weak structures where too strong a mortar is not advisable. This is of great value in conservation work where the existing masonry has deteriorated, where the masonry was built with a weak mortar, or where the structure is built of chalk, cob or clay.

For additional information on St. Astier lime products, please visit the St. Astier website.

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