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The St. Astier range of traditional lime paints provide vibrancy to building exteriors and interiors.

Traditional lime washes and paints have been in use for centuries, this new range of traditional lime paints allows scope for traditional finishes and colours to be used to add vibrancy to both exteriors and interiors.

St. Astier lime paints help buildings to breathe, readily allowing moisture to evaporate. The range of surfaces and backgrounds which can be painted with St. Astier lime paints is far greater than that of conventional lime washes. Although not every surface is suitable, many cement, concrete, gypsum, stone, brick and lining paper backgrounds readily accept St. Astier lime paints.

St. Astier lime paints are suitable for brush or spray application. They are non-toxic and do not harm the environment.

To give a rough idea of the variety of St. Astier lime paints available, a colour chart is provided.

For additional information on St. Astier lime paints, please visit the St. Astier website.

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