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The Beeck range of paints consists of pure mineral, lime, and silicate-based painting systems that are highly suitable for use in conjunction with traditional building materials in conservation, restoration, and new build.

Contrary to artificial resin or silicone resin paints, Beeck silicate paints do not set through bonding of an organic binder but through the process of silicification resulting in a permanent, unseparable unity of coating and background material.

This silicate structure also ensures unrestricted varpour exchange, helping to allow buildings to breathe.

All Beeck paints are free from artificial resins, solvents, and biocides.

As the Irish agents for the Beeck range we can provide you with advice and technical backup in relation to these products.

For additional information on Beeck mineral paints, please visit the Beeck'sche Farbwerke website.

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